1. A Tip Of My Hat
  2. Delray
  3. Good Journey
  4. Keepin’ On
  5. Bump
  6. Ooh Child
  7. The Corduroy Jacket
  8. Sweet Tea
  9. The Taker
  10. At The Lake



“Jake Glasgow’s sophomore album Keepin’ On is full of new ideas perfectly set in scene.  The ultimate jazz brew.”  

- Hans-Bernd Hulsmann, (Germany)



“...Glasgow obviously took the time to consider how to make his sax speak a language not alien to smooth jazz but clear and distinct. His debut, Hangin’ With Mister G, was no slacker by any means, and this follow-up, Keepin’ On, just adds testimony to the man’s ability to groove with the best of them.”  

-Ronald Jackson - The Smooth Jazz Ride -




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